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System Works

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With our patented 3-step Koko Smartraining System, exercising and eating right has never been easier. Whether you work out independently with a digital coach, or 1:1 with a certified FitCoach, you’ll always get individualized coaching with every customized workout.

  • Step 1


    Build a foundation of fitness in just a few weeks while building a habit that sticks.

  • Step 2


    Concentrate on your goals with individualized strength and cardio conditioning plus personal nutrition.

  • Step 3


    Reshape your body with a sustainable training program to burn fat, stay strong and build lean muscle.

Individualized fitness

Whether you are new to fitness, or are just starting over, our tech-driven systems are designed to individualize the experience especially for you. Each time efficient Koko workout lasts 15-45 minutes, just 2-3 times a week.

Individualized Coaching
30 Minute Strength Conditioning
15-Minute HIIT Cardio Training
Personalized Nutrition
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Koko is built on technology and backed by science, but we integrate the insights & experience of top trainers, our local FitCoaches, and 25 years of fitness insights to make the Smartraining system work for you


CSCS, Chief Fitness Officer

Michael Wood leads the development of Koko Smartraining training and nutrition programs, coaching athletes, celebrities and over 100,000 Koko clients virtually across North America through the Smartraining platform.

A nationally recognized fitness expert and exercise physiologist, Michael has been named part of the Men's Journal "Dream Team” of the nine best trainers in the U.S.

“I'm able to bring some of the top trainers, nutritionists and coaches in the world right to you with the amazing Koko Smartraining System, and use technology get better results faster than ever before.”

Britney Spickerman

Lead FitCoach

Hi I’m Britney, I grew up in Minnesota and moved out to Fort Collins shortly after turning 18.

I found my love of the fitness industry when I was 23 years old and set out on a weight loss journey on my own.

Since starting this journey, I have lost over 65 pounds and counting. I believe that everyone has a purpose and my purpose is to help people on their journey to being a better, stronger, healthier version of themselves.

I am an animal lover, I have two dogs, a ferret, and a rabbit. I also am a vegan runner and trainer!

I have three half marathons under my belt with two 15K’s, Six 10K’s and a handful of 7K’s and 5K’s.

Carla Klein


Hi! My name’s Carla Klein, and I am so excited to be in beautiful Colorado! Originally from
Texas, I earned my Associates of Applied Science in Physical Therapy, and was a clinician and instructor for close to 25 years.

As a cyclist, I understand the importance of overall strength, fitness and nutrition, and the role they play in performance. Koko FitClub is a great opportunity to effectively combine these principles and make them accessible for everyone. My motivation has always come from seeing patient improvement, and I look forward to continuing to assist individuals to achieve their personal fitness goals.

2519 South Shields Street, Suite #1H, Fort Collins, CO 80526