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The daily PT in the Navy is nothing compared to what I have gained at Koko. I love it and plan to stick with it for a long time coming. * Adam R.
Austin, TX

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Build Muscle.
Burn Fat.
Feel Great.

In college, we went to the gym because it was fun and we wanted to look good.

These days, between work, family & everything else going on, spending 2+ hours at the gym just isn't an option, but we still want to build muscle, burn fat and get that great "just worked out" feeling.

Science + Technology

By combining the latest exercise science, smartphone-level technology, and insights from nationally-recognized trainers, Koko has created an exercise system that packs major results into short, intense, completely customized strength & cardio workouts.

Better Results. Less Time.

And they're not just shorter, they're more effective than the endless bicep curls and monotonous jogging we used to do — by manipulating pace, periodization and time under tension, the Koko system can pack more exercise volume into 30 to 45 minutes than most guys get in 60-90 minutes at a regular gym!

Watch As It Works

Plus, it's all tracked on your own private data dashboard so you can watch your progress and see how you stack up against friends, family, and other guys your age as you build strength & lean muscle.

We're Here To Help

Koko is located near you in Fort Collins and we'd love to customize a exercise and nutrition plan designed to help you look and feel better in the shortest amount of time.

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